On its face, this is just my summer blog in which I hope to detail some of the stories and musings that occur to me while I complete my varied projects in Kenya, Uganda, and Pakistan. But it is also a place for me to ponder the news I read, to throw out a few general ideas, basically to verbalize my mind and hopefully start a few good conversations with old and new friends while keeping my writing relatively sharp. It’s a way for me to order my life and collect my thoughts, but I hope it’s something you’ll enjoy as well.

Projected Timeline:
15 May – 28 May: Spokane, WA, with detours to Chewelah and Seattle, WA
28 May – 29 July: Nairobi, Kenya, with detours into the countryside
29 July – 5 August: Kampala, Uganda
5 August – 3/4 September: Karachi, Pakistan, with possible detours to Lahore and Islamabad

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