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On The Land: Why I’m An East Coast Sort of Guy

September 23, 2012


Well, long time no write. I must admit that I’ve found it much harder to blog about my travels through American than through Central Asia—mainly, I suppose, because of the mixture of my place as an American and my audience, or at least my perspective of said entity. But I feel it improper just to […]

The Northwest Territory, Act II: In Which I Approximate In Words the Utopian and Aspirational Spirit and History of This Region

August 24, 2012


Act II You remember that three part post I intended to write all that time ago? That I intended to write within a week’s time? Over a week ago? Well, yes, I’m finally getting around to the second part of it, after having fallen into a maelstrom of visa application materials, forms and documents, and […]

The Northwest Territory, Act I: My Deep Attraction to Lakes

August 16, 2012


I think I’ll break this post into three distinct Acts, as I’ve had three intertwined but separate threads of thought running through my head for the past few days. I’ll post each act within half a day of the last one. In Act I, a note on my current location and what it tells me […]

Insanity on the Prairie: On Sturgis, Lumber Trucks, and Vast Emptiness

August 11, 2012


A not-so-insignificant part of me is really wishing at this point that I’d done this trip on motorcycle. That would never happen, of course, because I know too many people who would fret about the mortality rates, and then would do me in themselves if I made it back in one piece. (And then there’s […]

The Northwest: Security and Warmth, Yet I Flee

August 8, 2012


A most Midwestern of greetings from my makeshift desk in the attic of a dilapidated little stucco house in Pierre, South Dakota. Since my last post, which was really a prologue to this trip, I’ve managed to haul my ass through two time zones and over the bulk of the American grazing lands. Now, but […]

Leaving Spokane: A Home No Longer A Home

August 2, 2012


I hereby commence a mini-reboot of this blog, which has lain dormant for the past two-and-a-half weeks, during which time I primarily hid in my little subterranean lair in Spokane, WA. As I mentioned in my previous post on Uzbekistan, I often have trouble writing while in Spokane (one of many psychic maladies I’m stricken […]

Uncomfortable in Uzbekistan: A Good Place to Leave

July 15, 2012


NOTE: This will be my last post about Central Asia. However, my travels for the summer aren’t done yet. I’ll continue to update this blog once or twice a week, I hope, as I first wander around the Inland Northwest and then drive the circumference of America. I’ll have to begin this post with an […]